Post Paradise Bring it to Life - Side B Now Available!

Side B of the two part album "Bring it to Life" released in September, 2016. The album has been met with praise over it's polished sound and the unique incorporation of the cello. (yay!) We worked on this album over the last two years after deciding to split it into two halves and release them separately.  It was a departure from our usual approach to album release, and as a result Side B has a slightly different feel than Side A. We are constantly evolving as a band, and I think even over just the year between Side A and Side B, the difference is noticeable.

We tracked majority of the songs all at once, but were able to take a step back when revisiting Side B and really decide which songs belonged on this album, re-track and adjust some parts, and write brand new songs to add.  It was a fantastic process tracking the album at the Blasting Room, a world renowned punk rock recording studio, and work closely on the songs with engineer/ producer Andrew Berlin. We also had a new addition to the band, Mr. Brian Zeiger on bass, and working with a new member on established and new songs added a different dimension than we'd had on Side A. It's so interesting to me that with even just one change of a member, the songs we write together will be completely different than with any other person. We all write our own parts, but we create as a unit and play off each other. Every part influences every other part, and slowly shapes the song. Isn't that crazy? Well, we love writing with Brian, and are very excited to keep creating with this team. We're already writing more songs! 

  Releasing an album or even just a single song to the world is such a nerve-wracking process. We spend years writing and recording these songs; creating every note and word from nothing, making them the best version of them that we can, spend countless hours practicing and adjusting and then recording them... all in the hopes that you will love it, and that the songs will speak to you.  We released this album with intention of making you feel something, maybe not exactly what we do about the songs, but something, anything, and just to connect with you.  From what we've heard so far, I think we've accomplished that mission.  Our band love what we get to do, and we hope to keep doing it for a long, long time. We hope you enjoy Side B of Bring it to Life