New Website!

If you've made it this far then you are reading this on our brand new website format! It's been a long time coming, but as you hopefully know -- Post P is an entirely in-house organization. Most of the time we have to split up duties of whatever it is we're trying to do within just the 4 of us and that means we have to pick and choose what initiatives take priority.

We finished our last tour of 2016 in November and decided we were going to take this year to settle down a bit and do some writing, some reorganizing of our thoughts and lives and just 'refill the well.' It's been going swimmingly, except for the fact that we were unsuccessful in cutting down on our show schedule (surprise, surprise). We're a live band. It's not that we don't love writing records and being in the studio, it's that like most bands our size we make our money off of live shows and merchandise (thank YOU!). So there's still a good chance that we'll be coming to your town this year.

But even if we don't, know that it's because we're at home working on this new epic-in-scope record. I suppose, this is the first time we're mentioning it officially but it's a year of growth in a lot of ways -- the last 4 months we've been putting together some new tracks that are ...different. Bring It To Life is still very fresh in our minds so we're having a great time giving those songs our full attention at shows but when the creativity bug hits you just have to buckle up and hold on. 

It's time to go big. See you all soon,